Llexan Italia, Mia Astucci and Mia Eyewear are the components of a group with the aim of providing a complete range of products and services for all optical centres.
Innovative and custom-made solutions, quality at the right price and made in Italy.
Antitheft, RFId, cases, glasses… all in a unique group.



Llexan Italia is the technological branch of our group. With Llexan’s brand we offer anti-theft tags and systems, price tags and adhesive labels, RFId quick inventory system, people counters, hard cases, microfiber cloths and pouches, lens cleaning sprays, white coats, small cords and envelopes.


Mia Astucci

Mia Astucci is the artisan branch of our group. With Mia Astucci’s brand we offer soft and semi-hard cases completely handmade in Italy in numerous combinations of shapes, colours and materials from the simplest to the most particular like jeans, soft wood or genuine leather. As they are handmade, all our cases are customizable.


Mia Eyewear

Mia Eyewear is the fashion branch of our group. With Mia Eyewear’s branch we offer a wide collection of frames, all 100% made in Italy, sunglasses and eyeglasses, for man, woman and unisex, in acetate, metal or injected. Not only classic shapes but also ciliate, clip-on and all kind of lenses.

Llexan s.r.l.

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