Frequently Asked Question


- What do I have to do to install an anti-theft system in my shop?

Contact us. With a short and free phone consultation our staff will be able to prepare an offer and to give all the necessary information.

- Does the RFId quick inventory system need special arrangements?

No, it just need a computer with Bludata’s software. We will provide RFId tags and reader and after a quick formation you will be able to make the inventory of your shop in a few minutes.

- Do your anti-theft tags ruin glasses arms?

Absolutely no. We realized all our tags with a natural rubber which makes a very strong grip on the glasses arms without leaving stains. Moreover, our tags are discreet and resistant, it means that they do not disturb your customers, they really protect your glasses and they last for many years.


- Have you got a price tags that do not disturb customers while they are trying my glasses?

Yes, we have different models of price tags that suit all kind of glasses arms. They do not disturb your customers and they have an elegant design.


- Why don’t you produce hard cases in Italy?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist any Italian production of hard cases, but all the models in our collection have been carefully selected in order to guarantee a good material and also finishing quality.


- Can you put my logo on the cases?

Of course. We have the capability to manage inside our company the personalization process with different techniques: this allows us to customize most of our products.

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